Summer Sabbatical Cohort Journey
A community and coaching to help you prepare for, navigate and reorient from your summer sabbatical. 

Why is this crucial?

Sabbatical is an incredible gift, but a serious responsibility to steward. A sabbatical season is disorienting for most leaders, but this season has the potential to shape the course of a leader’s life and leadership in massive ways. 

At Stay Forth we coach leaders to leverage their sabbatical for increased health, transformation and vision. In addition to one-on-one Sabbatical Coaching we are launching a Sabbatical cohort. During this Sabbatical Journey leaders will navigate the joy and challenge of sabbatical in a community of brothers.  

What is The Sabbatical Journey?

The Sabbatical Journey is a cohort comprised of coaching, community and live experiences in Colorado that will help leaders prepare for, navigate and reorient from their summer 2024 sabbatical. This is led by Sabbatical Coaches Alan Briggs and Chad Lunsford.  

Who is this for?

This is designed for male ministry leaders receiving a sabbatical during the summer of 2024.
When: April 2024 - September 2024 with live experiences in Colorado April 16-19 and October 1-4 
Sabbatical Cohort Components 
This is for male pastors receiving an intentional sabbatical any time during the summer of 2024. Sabbatical Coaches Alan Briggs and Chad Lunsford will guide you through the Stay Forth Sabbatical Coaching process in a community. 

Initial planning and preparation session: January - March

Opening Colorado Experience: April 16-19 

Monthly Cohort: one 2 hour session monthly 

Monthly one-on-one coaching session: one 1 hour coaching session

Closing Colorado Experience: October 1-4

Applications open: December 1 - March 15 

Participants: 6-12 (plus Alan and Chad)

Cost: $800 monthly for six months per participant (participants pay airfare to Colorado) 
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